Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Anti Gun Associates

Tell, what is wrong with background checks for every gun sale?  Well, this is what's wrong:

It's because it's not about the background checks.  It's about control.  It's about putting down the foundation for eventual confiscation.

But hey, let's compromise.  It's all about the compromise.  How bout background checks OR the presentation of a valid CCW?  A CCW holder has had the background check already, so, no need.  And you can show that in a private sale and leave the poor overburdened gov't alone.  Or, when you get a background check it's good for a 3 months anywhere.  Another shop, a gunshow, a private seller.  You've gone 30 years without a conviction, what are the chances you caught a charge in the last month?

But no, that would create a situation where forms are not filled out and maybe filed in a database leading to defacto registration.  And registration, historically, always, ALWAYS, leads to confiscation.  Confiscation?  I thought the 'gun-safety' types that used to wear the label 'gun-controller' didn't want to round up innocent people's guns?  Well, you see, that's the point of compromise.


Old NFO said...

It's NOT compromise when 'we' have to give up everything...

Paul Bonneau said...

"And registration, historically, always, ALWAYS, leads to confiscation."

Uh, no.

One might say that confiscation is always preceded by registration, but not the other way around. Why? Because it is a choice to give up one's guns. OUR CHOICE. If we choose not to, what are they going to do about it? We will kill them if they try to force it.

Yes, NICS is a (half-assed) form of registration. They don't know where all the guns are, but they know who almost all the gun owners are, and that is good enough for the purposes of confiscation (they will search your house and throw you in a cage if you lie to them). But that doesn't matter either, because confiscation is OUR CHOICE. We either hand them the guns, bend over and grab our ankles; or we fight.

NewYorkNewbie said...

Not mentioned is how long it takes to clear up a denial of a NICS background check. Current wait time is over 2 months. Here in New York state, pistol permits are issued by county with each having their own process. My county took 13 months to approve with sheriff and judge signing off. Then received a NICS denial. Still waiting two months on the appeal