Wednesday, April 23, 2014

U Shaped

So, the gunsmith Sam Hatfield at Hatfields Gunsmithing is a big fan of the no-dot U-Shaped rear sight.  Pshaw, I thought.  How much better could it be?

Well, he had me try one and compare it to a 2 dot and 3 dot.  He might have a point...  It bears further investigation.  The idea is, without the distraction of the dots to the rear you can better concentrate on the front sight.  It's not normally an issue for me.  It turns out I naturally focus on the front sight.  Lucky me, it's the only break I've gotten with my pistol marksmanship.  But I am not going to shrug off something that makes me focus even faster.  And better. 

Further personal study needed.


TheAxe said...

Yeah, I used a sharpie to dull the 2 rear dots and it really helped me focus on the front sight.

Hat Trick said...

The U-shaped rear notch also makes iteasier to get the front sight centered too.