Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Goin' Postal!

Not the US Post Office is making a big ammo purchase!   First the weatherman, now the postman. 

I guess I better cut back on putting the garden house in the big blue mail box on the corner.  I might get a 1,200 feet per second delivery to my hinder.

Is the American people gonna have to do some pushback at places besides Nevada cattle ranches?  Perhaps.  Or perhaps the Postal Inspectors are out of ammo, and now that supply is better maybe prices are down, and they need to restock after a long ammo drought. 

I still don't like the optics of the feds buying more ammo for internal purposes.  That's OUR job.


LoFan John said...

You might be surprised by how many crooks send illicit goods or their illicit profits through the mail. I heard a retired LEO say that postal inspectors are more likely than many SWAT team members to have to deal with some really nasty people.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Oh, I'm sure. My britches aren't in too big a bunch over Postal Inspectors buying ammo. It's not like they are the Social Security administration.