Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Who Did I Meet...

At the NRA Annual Meeting?

Since my goal was to see old friends and meet new ones face to face, I had a succesful convention.  And I met LOTS of people...

I went up there with MBtGE...

 Old NFO

Ambulance Driver ~

One of the guys from Truth About Guns

Bubblehead Les and his Buddy from Battleboy Surplus

Dave and Maureen of That's Unpossible


Mike Vanderbouegh, who is skinny now. Didn't recognize him! Just back from Nevada.  If he is ever in a mood to tell a story, listen to him.  He is a very talented story teller.

David Codrea



Kathy Jackson of Cornered Cat

Turk from Turonistan

Erin Pallette of Lurking Rythmically

Odd of Guns Cars & Tech

Stephen D'Andrill, fighting the good fight in NYC with Arbalest Quarrel 

Rick Rector of Legally Armed in Detroit

Jack Moody, home of pork-grillin'

Mad Saint Jack.

Awelowynt of Snooze Button Ronin

John of No Lawers, Only Guns and Money 

Linoge of Walls of the City, with the coolest C96 open carry holster... 

Dennis from Dragon Leatherworks was there with a Caiman holster that looked snazzy

JayG was there, working hard. Or hardly working

Daddy Bear and Daughter.

Travis of The One Eyed King and daughter Emma.

Gus Advocado and his sidekick Chris (Gus is an Air Assault Lawyer)

Matt from Straight Forward in a Crooked World plus his lovely wife and daughter

Bob Owens from Townhall 

Davy Hardy who Of Arms & The Law

Dr. Zheng, one of the makers of the Unimag

Bitter and Sebastian 

TWO writers from the Metrocon Fortnightly, National Review Charles C. W. Cooke (who assured me that licking a shaved man's head isn't a universal British habit)
Jim Geraghty

Midwest Chick of Non Original Rants

Mister B from Middle of the Right

Danno from SandCastle Scrolls and his boy The Smallest Conservative 

Rob from Polite Society Podcasts 

Too Old to Work Too Young to Retire 

Don Gwinn

Matt G of Better and Better

Masaad Ayoob

Keads of Another Day Another...

And Brownells' Larry Weeks

Heath and Amanda Showed

Now I gotta transfer all these to the blog roll - >

And I'm sure I forgot somebody....


Marty said...

Mad Saint Jack!

Jack Moody!

I guess you DON'T know Jack!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Dammit! And I remember getting ready to write them down, too.

Aaron said...

You did meet me there at the blogger party.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I've met you at other things, too, I think, Aaron.

Midwest Chick said...

I've been updating my blogroll like a madwoman. :-)