Monday, April 14, 2014

Buy A Gun Day

Is tomorrow.  You are supposed to use you tax refund to get a new gatt of some sort.

Or, you are like me and less enthused this time around.  Mainly because while I got $200 some back from the State, I have to pay $300 some to the Feds.  But I do like the way I have my witholdings dialed in to about neutral.  I don't want Uncle Sucker to be holding MY money and not paying me interest for the loan.  I also don't want to have to write a four figure check to him, too. 

Speaking of finances, I DO keep a grand in cash in the house, hidden.  Just in case, as an E-Fund.  If I had to bug out I'd take that with me.  And I take it to gun shows and such in case some rifle shouts my name.  I don't want TOO much cash outside of a savings account or what have you, nor too little.  $1000 is about right.  No, I'm not telling you the super secret hiding place.  But hell, there are many.  Pockets of old coats.  In a ziplock bag duct taped behind the sink.  Behind a picture.  It's not any of them.

If I did have gun buying money, what would I buy?  Hmmm...  Winchester 88.   What else?  Hmmm...  Nothing on the list speaks to me.

I did opt to go to a gunsmith class later this week...  Well, armorer class.

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