Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I learned STUFF

So the armors class did what I wanted it to do.  I can take a 1911 down to parts and put it back to together and it still WORKS.  Detail-strip, as the kids say.  Everything but the staked down stuff like the plunger tube and the ejector.

I probably could done it myself, by looking at diagrams and watching youtube demos over and over, but because of the class and the little tips I learned, it's now easy.

The thing that intimidated me the most was disconnector/sear relationship.  But once you know...  You see you hold the comfortable bit of the disconnector in the left hand, pyramid up, and you hold the sear like a cup in the right, then you saddle up the dear on top of the disconnector.  Hold the 1911 by putting your pinky in the magwell so you can guide the two into the disconnector hole in the frame and Robert is your Mother's Brother.

Still can't follow that?  Do it once in the class and it's yours forever.

Props to Sam and Hatfields Gunsmithing.  The guy is good.  A good instructor.  If his area of expertise was the Napoleonic Wars I'd be thrilled to take that college level course.  Or if it was Botany 101.  And I'm not that interested in plants.  He's just a good instructor.

But man is the class dense with detail.  And it's almost impossible to take notes because you are working on a gun the whole time.  I'd almost want to take the Beginner course again to pick up and reinforce the info presented.  Maybe keep a few more details in my head. Gonna look into the intermediate class, too.

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