Saturday, April 5, 2014

Yeah, sure, why not

The trend back to 9mm recently continues.  More ammo on board, ya know.  Don't want to find yourself in a pickle for the inability to shoot back.  Sound consideration.

I am waiting for this to start getting innovated.  A modern Sungaard.

That gun has 2 double stack magazines for a total of 50 rounds in the gun.  And that was back in the dark ages, before the Great War.

Now we just have to do something like that at Glock.  Maybe in a .380.  THIS old gun used teeny 6.5mm cartridges.  That's like .25ACP.  And you'll have a time getting today's CCW carriers to go to .25ACP.  But the 6.5 cartridges had an overall length of 23mm.  .380 is 25mm, so doable...

I dunno if you could stack .380 50 rounds high, but you can certainly get a lot in there.   

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Forgotten Weapons said...

The .25ACP may be puny in comparison to pretty much anything else, but it can still be lethal. Using FMJ, it will get 12"+ of penetration, which is enough to hit vital bits. The thing that would differentiate a modern Sunngard from the .25 ACP pocket guns or standard size service pistols is the capacity and controllability. Consider the capability for extremely fast repeat shots with a full-size grip, reasonably-sized sights, and a weight comparable to other mid-sized guns? I think there is the potential for a quite effective sidearm there, along the lines of the FN Five-Seven.