Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Get Offa My Lawn

In the Washington Post advice column:

"Do we have to carry our 24-year-old daughter on our health insurance policy? She is employed and has two degrees. We informed her that we would be dropping her at the end of the year because it's costing us a fortune, and she told us today that we are required by law to cover her. We do not claim her on our taxes."

I'll take Punk Ingrates That Don't Know Their Place for $500, Alex.  The same question is in the Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse column.


Old NFO said...

She gets a freebie... And obviously doesn't care about the costs to her family... sigh

chuck w said...

Were she my daughter, I would offset the cost of her insurance with any gifts or money (birthdays, Christmas, etc.) I would normally have given her, and would inform her of this choice.

Douglas Hester said...

The little brat appears to be correct, at least legally. I would tell her that's her inheritance.