Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hello, Charlie

I saw Charlie's Angels for the first time this week.  The 2000 Diaz, Liu, Barrymore version.  It was on a commercial free channel that Comcast gave me to not jump ship on their services all together, so, I figure, what the hey.


Not a lotta gun play in the movie, and what there was was ineffectual.  They wanted the ladies to concentrate on taking out the bad guys with the Chop Socky.  Lots of wire-suspended judo kicks to the head.

Example of the ineffectual gun work...  Drew Barrymore dodges a bullet fired from 15 feet away out of a SA revolver.  Which I guess is sorta possible.  In that the shooter can miss from that distance.

Also, the Heavy, played by Crispin Glover (MacFly!) does something common in many Hollywood movies.  Which means it's a common tactic, now, for the rest of the world.  He mag dumps a Luger over the shoulder at his pursuers.  Sorta like laying down suppressing fire so the rest of his squad can maneuver on the enemy's flank.  I guess.  Except he is alone.  He wants to use all that sound and fury to allow him to escape, but then doesn't escape.  A martial arts battle breaks out.  Then he escapes.  Sheesh.  Take your time and actually hit one or two or three of the women chasing you.  Might make it easier on ya, buddy.  You weren't scared or stressed, so you might have been perfectly good with the fine motor skills required.  Oh, and carry a spare magazine, perhaps? 

Some days I think it is hardly worth it to study Hollywood productions for tactical tips...


Old NFO said...

Heh, why bother... Unless you want to do exactly the WRONG thing... :-)

Anonymous said...

My understanding is Ms. Barrymore declined the role, unless The Angels were not involved in gunplay!
(She dislikes guns, you see?)

Doesn't matter - it was a stupid film based on an equally stupid TV show, courtesy of Aaron Spelling.