Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Senator Gillibrand

"If it was 'Lehman Sisters' instead of Lehman Brothers, maybe we wouldn’t have had that financial crisis"  --Gillibrand D-NY

Well that is an interesting take. 

But if that happened then John McCain would have been president instead of the incompetent Stuttering-Jesus. 

And if I recall 2008, that also means bad things would have happened in the McCain administration and we'd be all living in a nuclear wasteland right now, using bottle caps for money, macaroni colanders for protective headgear, and be making rudimentary firearms out of copper pipe and driftwood. 


Comrade Misfit said...

I put no stock in Gillibrand.

Comrade Misfit said...

To expand on that (since I was on my phone for the initial comment), Gillibrand was a strong gun-rights supporter when she was in the Congress. She said that she owned rifles and kept them loaded. When she moved up to being a senator, she turned her coat and essentially admitted that she had been pro-gun and a blue-dog because that was the only way that she'd get elected in that congressional district.

I take that to mean that she has no principles, no core ideology. She'll say and do whatever it takes to get the job she wants.

As you know, I despise Trump. But I don't trust Gillibrand. If she runs against him, I'm voting for Jack Daniels.