Thursday, June 7, 2018


Well, I wasn't counting on Social Security anyway.  And when I just eligible it will have to cut benefits a fifth.  I figure a fifth if we are lucky.  The optimist in me figures half.  The pessimist in me is more worried about Medicare.

I am preparing for that.  I save money at an above-average rate compared to my peers.  I am at a level, pay-wise, where any increase get's dumped into savings.  I am not shopping for a machine gun or a cherry 1966 Bonneville.  I can afford ammo and wine and books a plenty right now, any extra money goes to being able to afford the same when I am 70 or 90.  I have no debt apart from a 100k on my mortgage.  And I talked to my financial advisor last night.  Trying to dial in my circumstances.

But I can afford $50,000 annual health insurance premiums.

That needs to be fixed.  And not "Medicare for all!"  That's not fixing.  That's breaking it permanent.  Just going back to what was there fifteen years ago would be a vast improvement.   Not like now.  "Are you working at a company with health insurance offered?  That'll be $100 a month.  Are you working where you don't have health insurance through your company?  That'll be $2500 a month, for the same thing, and that's a bargain."  It wasn't like that 15 years ago.  Not that bad.  I knew free lancers that paid more than me, but not 25 times.

Why is it so bad?  Well, the gov't getting involved had a lot to do with it, of course. 

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Paul said...

Jobs will increase... so will payroll taxes (SS taxes will go up). So SS will continue.