Thursday, June 28, 2018

Kennedy Retires

Lots of people are excited.  REALLY excited.


I'm less excited than most.  Now a Ginsberg retirement for whatever reason, this year, or next, that would get me interested.

I want one of the 4 that voted against Heller to go away and any of the 5 that voted with it to be replaced by like minded folks and have that 6-3 Second Amendment rulings got on for a decade and a half, at least.

Then I will start to feel a bit more secure that our civil rights will be preserved.

Kennedy replacement feels like half a loaf.  A want an unexpected whole loaf, in addition.  Breyer ice cream flavor, or Batter Ginseng flavor would be fine.  I know it is greedy, but we have been compromising our baked goods away since the 30s.


Unknown said...

Don't forget Sotomayor and her type 1 diabetes.

ProudHillbilly said...

Ginsberg will have to wake up before she can put in the paperwork to retire.