Saturday, June 9, 2018

What lube do you use?

Well isn't that a personal question?

Oh, you mean for firearms.



 My gunsmith told me to.

Why does he use it?

The AMU used it.

Why did they?

When it and the gun it was on got hot sitting in the sun during a shooting competition it didn't change its viscosity.  It didn't get MORE slick when hot.  Like Molybdenum grease does with a vengeance.

Didn't want a 3 pound trigger (legal) turning into a 2 pound trigger just because summer.  And because of this rules issue, FP10 was the only lube allowed on the trailer that went from competition to competition.

They didn't test its arctic performance.

Also, the oil says it prevents rust.  It's not the best at this.  I mean it is oil, yes, but there are better rust preventatives.  Use it as lube. Drop on each rail, and half a drop on the barrel hood, half a drop on the end muzzle circumference that touches the barrel bushing.

"But I use a revolver, T-Bolt."

Do I even KNOW you?

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Old NFO said...

I have it in my range bag.