Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Oh, not cool.

We don't like it when they do it to us, we shouldn't be doing it to them.

Nobody should SWAT anybody

And, with lesser consequential severity than violent death, no one should dox anyone.  One is to the other like a burning a finger on the stove is to being trapped in a raging house fire, but both are suboptimal and you shouldn't wish it on your worst enemies.  Literally.


McChuck said...

You're right. It shouldn't happen at all.

But since they do it to us, we must respond by doing it to them. If we give them a weapon that we won't use, they'll just use it more and more - because it works, and there is zero risk.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Man... No.

We need to string up the SWATters by their Buster Browns.

Our side is winning. Don't sink to dirty, McChuck.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Don't TRY to murder folks

Sendarius said...

The ENTIRE family were away in DC.

I hate to be so cynical, but I would love to know who actually made the call - it's not as if the Broward Cowards wouldn't recognise the address.

Windy Wilson said...

We can only hang them upside down like Mussolini at the gas station AFTER SOCIETY COLLAPSES, and only if we can find the evil party members. They all seem to live at secret locations, it seems.

Windy Wilson said...

An empty house, then. Forgive my cynicism, but combine that fact which would make the action harmless in the performance, with the history of which group had been doing political Swattings, and I start looking for Marius Van Der Lubbe. The political value of this evil ignoramus becoming a victim of illegal activities from the pro liberty side of the discussion is just too great. The uninformed voters already believe the NRA are one resolution away from gas chambers. What better thing than to Swat your own guy when he’s out of town? Not all Reichstag fires have to burn the building down. And lest anyone think my foil hat is on too tight, who would have believed a two year investigation of aether-like collusion until now?

Windy Wilson said...

my money is on someone from his team. Everything works out too perfectly for a “See what they’re doing to us, thank god no one was home” reaction.