Tuesday, June 26, 2018

How did this happen?

How did I become the guy other people at the range look over at my target and go, "I wish I shot that good..."

No!  It's a journey.  And I am not that far ahead of you.  I am definitely not that good.  I have seen shooting demigods' targets and I am humbled by speed and accuracy. 

You, random at the range one or two lanes over, can shoot as well as that with a modicum of training and effort.  And probably do it in less time than it took me.  THEN you lap me and do much better, because I am such a slow learner.

There is plenty wrong with that target.  The only good thing is it was a whole magazine without an obvious flyer.  That's rare for me.  "Oh look, that is five touching I'm gonna... DAMMIT!" is the usual.

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Mike V said...

It’s all about repetition. Dry fire and live.