Friday, June 29, 2018

New Death Wish

Saw it.  Decent for what it is.  A Death Wish movie.  Standard Vincent D'onofrio / Elizabeth Shue vehicle.  Sum other dude.

She was the Karate Kid's gal, dontcha know!  Ms. Shue.

Standard gunnie quibble.  Slide bite is never that bad, and harder to accomplish one handed with a Glock like Dr. Kersey managed.  It looked like it about amputate his thumb!  It's little details like that that take you out of the movie.  At least no one said clip when they shoulda said magazine.  That always ruins it.  The little things.

Well that and and how quick he was able to get a full auto sear for his pistol AR from the Jolly Roger gunstore.  And in Illinois, too.  I guess there are different rules for rich trauma surgeons.  Isn't that always the way, tho.

And if you are going the full auto route, might as well go SBR and put a stock on that, Doc.   You are already filling out the paperwork.  That doesn't really matter.  Cuz you live in Illinois.

Also, he went from hapless to REALLY good, tactically.  Again, I guess when you are smart enough to be a big time doctor you are smart enough to pick up such skills without a training montage.  Well, ANOTHER training montage.  One that shows the advanced skills rather than the beginner stuff the other training montages demonstrated. 

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