Saturday, June 30, 2018


So.  One day I want to build another AR.  I have an M4 sized one that is pretty much all magpul furniture.  Clam shell fore grip, with that srpingy GI thing holding it on.

I want the next AR to be different.  Maybe longer barrel?  Dunno.  But a free-floating barrel.  Foregrips brands I've heard peeps speak highly of are SLR and BCM.  Troy? 

Any other things I should look at?

I go back and forth on just getting an full upper for ease, or making it all myself.  I have the lower and after market trigger already.


Miguel GFZ said...

.300AAC? Maybe a longer barrel for a scope?

Carteach said...

I've built with RRA, Colt, Bushy, Spikes, and a bunch of PSA.

One of the RRA uppers, a national match, had an issue that required return. All the others, no matter brand, function flawlessly.

I'm cool either way, assembling or fully assembled. It's not like they are tricky to put together.

Hand-guards can get pretty dang pricey, for what they are. I've been satisfied with what PSA loads on theirs from the bins. Then again, I'm pretty low shelf myself.

My next build is likely to be a PDW/pistol on a Yankee Hill receiver. Depends on $$, but I seem to have a bug for one.

Ratus said...

Have a look at the rails from Geissele and/or ALG Defense.

Faxon seem to be the new hotness for barrels and their rails are supposed to be good too.

Watch some of the InRangTV videos on their WWSD (What would Stoner Do) project. They have a deep dive on barrels with someone from Faxon (about 3hrs between four videos​) on everything you'd want to know about, but didn't have anyone to good to ask.