Monday, June 4, 2018


No bueno on the barrel removal.  Did break a vise.  Ugh, again.  Gotta think on this one.


c-90 said...

Barrel pinned to the receiver?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

worried it may be soldered...

John said...

Apply a moderate amount of heat?

Will said...

My "go to" penetrating lube: PJ1 NON o-ring chain lube.
Black and yellow label spray can.
I've had some amazing saves with this stuff. Spray the joints and let it sit for a few minutes or so. NO OTHER chain lube, or bespoke penetrating lube, has worked as well for getting frozen parts free. Used it since the early 80's.
It seems to wick in as a light oil, and then congeal into a grease.

(Don't waste time/money on any o-ring type chain lubes, as they are merely a surface protectant for the exposed surfaces.)

Will said...

If it's soldered (or brazed), you should see some indication around the joint(s), of material filling the gaps.
Use magnification to get a close look.
It's difficult to do any of that and keep it away from the edges of the joints/threads. Also, look for indications of heat where it shouldn't be (receiver). Soldering may not always cause color to occur in steel, but usually it happens, especially if working with large areas, as it takes a large volume of heat to get everything hot enough, (and more is better in production).
If silver soldered (brazed) it will have color changes, but this may not be any more obvious than a bad soldering job would be.
Take a pick to suspicious material, looking for anything softer than the barrel.