Wednesday, July 11, 2018

I had a dream

A gun dream.

I, and a buncha other folks, were having a gunfight with Ving Rhames and a buncha other folks.

It obviously couldn't have been real.  The production values were too high, and I wasn't frightened.  And no one was getting hit.

A cease fire was called.  So we could check out each other's guns.  Mr. Rhames was wearing a red turtleneck and a double shoulder holster.  Two double stack 1911s with really nice magazines.  I just had a Glock 17, but it had custom trigger work and grip stippling, so it wasn't completely pedestrian.

Everyone thought each other's guns were pretty cool, so we called off the gun fight and left to find a place to buy each other beers.  

1 comment:

Brad_in_IL said...

Cool dream. When are you sharing your recreational pharmaceuticals? In my version, I modified my new Ruger pistol caliber carbine to chamber .45acp from Thompson stick mags.