Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Anti Gun Culture

We joke about where do the anti-gunners go for fun?  "No-Guns Shows"?

I thought I could make something of this American Thinker article, but I can't find the angle to comment on.  It's just how the banners manipulate gun stats to argue their case, while our side is all sunshine in every corner, relying on the truth, with nothing to hide. 

Wait, do we have anything to hide?  Any inconvenient fact with hide away?  Does the NFA machine gun ban save lives?  Dunno about that one.  We'd have to repeal it for a few decades and note what happens. 

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Windy Wilson said...

The real question is whether the anti-gunners, anti-liberty and generally hard-core leftists have any fun at all -- or is that why they need legal drugs to suppress the inhibitors in their alleged minds?