Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Guns at the PX

So you joined the military and your home of record is in a low income tax state like Texas or Florida.  This is perfectly fine, and lots of military peeps keep the same home of record throughout their career.  My brother's is Pennsylvania.  Most guys with me in the Navy made Texas their 'home'.  You just need a mail drop so you can get your tax forms from the IRS and your absentee ballot, and have a place to put on your Driver's License from there. 

But that's not important.  What is important is how do you buy a gun in Maryland when your home of record is in Texas?  (And you don't want to drive to Texas and back.)  You transfer a gun in and the gun store FFL here is gonna want to see a Maryland DL.  Usually. 

Well there are lots of ways.  One way that opened up recently is through you PX.

Yes, the Post Exchange on base.  A federal installation.  With quite strict gun regulations its ownself. 

But wait, do you have to adhere to Maryland law when getting your gun on base?  Sorta.  I know they won't let you have a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds if you buy from a PX in a Maryland military base.  That's not a federal law, it's a state one.   But you don't need Maryland HQL, or permit-to-purchase.   You have to prove you are a Texas resident, but live in Maryland to get it at the Maryland PX.  An electric bill is not good enough.  A fishing license is.  Just, odd.  Some Maryland laws apply, some do not.  And this varies, state to state, and inside the state.


Tony Ross said...

Unless It has been changed, the GCA 68 stated that for gun buying purposes a military member is considered a resident of the state in which he is permanently stationed. I purchased guns in Mass, Ohio, California and Mississippi while keeping my West Virginia drivers license. In Mass I even had a concealed carry permit (1969-1972). You couldn't leave a firearm in a vehicle so if I needed ammo I would park in downtown Chicopee and walk down the street with a slung rifle.
In California I was stationed at Castle AFB and would drive down to Fresno to gun shop and see a movie or two. Stopped at store in a town on the way, saw a S&W model 18. Picked it up the next time through there, cash and carry. Still have it. Would go to the Great Western Gun Show in LA(?), my aunt said that was a dangerous area, told her that with all the weapons being sold/traded it was the safest part of town. Picked up a Browning A5 shotgun, in pieces, no waiting.

Kevin said...

When I was in the Army, I bought guns in TN, KY, TX, VA, AZ and my home state of PA. Used my military ID, and the only place I had any issues was in a gunshop/pawnshop in Clarksville TN, due to my low rank at the time, they wanted a note from my CO. I was a married E4 living on the economy out in the hinterlands away from FT Campbell, so I just went to the local hardware store and bought the same rifle for $5 more, spent time jawing with the good Ol' boys and even was invited to do some hunting.