Thursday, December 6, 2018

For Whycome?

"Hey, T-Bolt, riddle me this.  How come you don't shoot the bottom two targets on these papers you show?  Seems like you aren't getting your full money's worth out of the thing."

Well, many readers already know the answer to this.

It's because I am courteous.

I am over 6 feet tall.  If I shoot those targets at the usual 25 foot line they are definitely hitting the floor. 

Now plenty of other people hit the floor.  And this range isn't a stickler about it.  Not like the NRA range is.  But they don't WANT people damaging the floor any more than they want people shooting the ceiling or target trolley or shooting table.

I'm not really helping them out.  But I am not hurting them either, if I can help it.  It's the polite thing to do.

Like squeegeeing up your brass when you are done shooting. 

And sometime I get to shoot at those when I send the target further down.


Will said...

Consider running a heavy marker line in an arc over the bottom three. Then just flip it around for further shooting. The line will indicate your flip-over section.

An alternative might be to see if you can turn it sideways and have it be supported reasonable well. Mark accordingly.
Hmm, might just be able to use it all at once. The question would be if the shooting angle for the ends becomes enough to encroach on the neighboring lane's targets. Probably would depend on how far away the other targets are sitting, vs how close your's is to you.

Windy Wilson said...

What Will said. Wasting 2/5 of a target sheet offends my Scotch blood.
Or the scotch in my blood. Whatever.