Monday, December 17, 2018


Dems, plotting gun confiscation in 2019

All that?  I've held that our majority on SCOTUS is decent but not really all that, even with Kavanaugh, and we really need to pick the Breyer and Ginsberg replacements, but it's not all bad.  The Senate is GOP controlled and still ostensibly pro-gun.  Same with the Whitehouse.  I mean the Deep State has strong hooks, but...

Do you think they can really force by the House to go full confiscation THIS next year?

Oh, they are talking state efforts.  Like in New Jersey with magazine limits dropping to 4, max.  And they think they have momentum in Washington State to keep the gun control rolling from last session, and maybe they can start making some inroads in Florida.

To tell you the truth about Maryland..  The state may be ruled by Dems and only a liberal Repblican can get elected governor and he is squishy on gun rights especially when faced with veto proof bills but...  They don't really have much appetite to push gun control in this state out of the clear blue sky.  You'd need a tragedy to get a lotta gumption.  Oh, they'll put up stuff half heartedly, but it doesn't often come to much.  Not that I like any of it.

And, oddly, a whole lot of New York state isn't going along with the governor's signature Safe Act, so Elmira will have to wait until some Long Island police make their way up there to get a chance to get confiscated. 

So we'll have to wait til Chuck is majority leader and Alexandra Occaisional-Cortex is inaugurated in 2021 as the youngest president at 32 years old to get the Federal level gun confiscations.   

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