Monday, December 24, 2018

Are they trained?

Yes, cops are trained to handle firearms.  And some of them keep at the training and are really quite good shooters.  Better than I will ever be.   

But the run of the mill cops aren't trained any more than you, dear reader, or our associates that might shoot a box a year.  Some cops make safety mistakes.

Like this one, locally.

Summed up:  Cop party on the 15th.  Sounds like an after work holiday get together.  11 officers there.  A gun show-and-tell.  Maybe some individuals present were unfamiliar with the model?  I could see that.  Maybe alcohol was served at this private cop party?  I can't imagine that, cops are notorious teetotallers on AND off duty.  Right?  Back to the facts.  Negligent discharge.  Sounds like the cop handling it punched a hole in his hand and the bullet went on to struck another's leg.  Happens.  Even to cops.  Maybe expecially with cops as they have that Blue Attitude.  You know what I mean.  Many of them are on the Dunning Kreuger spectrum with firearms and I've seen many LEO's act a bit more cavalierly around guns compared to other gunnies. Remember that cop on video that shot a hole through his hand and it turns out he'd done the same thing 20 years earlier?  I can't find that video but I did find another.

All 11 went on suspension since the incident.  Now 8 of those are back on duty.

(I am picturing myself as a cop at this party.  I bet I'd be in the John taking care of personal business dropping off kids at the pool, so to speak.  Then:  LOUD NOISE.  Obviously I am not involved, I was in the can.  But now I get a paid vacation for a whole week!)


Borepatch said...

T-Bolt, the Queen Of the World and I would like to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Thanks, BP!

You too!

McChuck said...

DEA agent shot himself is a classroom full of school kids while saying, "I am the only one in the room professional enough to handle this Glock Fo'ty."

He later sued the DEA for "allowing the video to leak".