Sunday, December 30, 2018

"You oughta move, T-Bolt"

"Maryland gun control is awful, T-Bolt.  You oughta move to a more gun friendly state?"

Move where?  Ohio is gonna be like Maryland inside a decade.  Virginia probably sooner.

West Virginia can't even shake a gun banner.

One day, in my lifetime, Indiana is gonna be like New York, and Texas is gonna be like California.

Chief Justice Roberts is gonna look just like another Bush appointee here right soon.  David Souter.

Clarence Thomas is gonna live a few years longer, but I bet his replacement is picked by a Democrat President.

Ima gonna fight my 2A fight right here.  You should fight yours, there.

Sorry for being pessimistic.  Little bit of leftover melancholy from the holiday.

1 comment:

B said...

Yeah, But Indiana is free RIGHT NOW.

We don't have to deal with all those stupid laws you have to RIGHT NOW.

I live in a place that is free(er) RIGHT don't.

Indiana may well fall. Your state already has.

Since you brought it up