Saturday, December 22, 2018

Mass Killings

They are mostly done by Millennials.  After the Luby's massacre there was a quiet period... Until Columbine.  The Spree killers since those early Millennials were all the same cohort, except for some exceptions.  I count Millennials as anyone born between Reagan getting shot and the Twin Towers collapsing.  Columbine to Virginia Tech to New Town to Parkland.  The Aurora theater shooter, the guy that shot Rep Giffords and others.  Pretty young when they do it, too. 

I don't count the Ft Hood shooter, because that was all War on Terrism stuff.  He was born in 1970.

The Vegas Bump Stock fellow was old.  Had a lot more resources than any Millennial.  1953.  A Baby Boomer.

And the Anti-Semite in Pittsburgh was older, too.  1972

But the other were all young folks. I guess we have to see if the peeps born since 2001 will take up the mantle of evil and go on killing sprees. 

I mentioned Luby's, and there was the McDonalds massacre in the 80s, too.  And the Texas Tower in the 60s.  Those were done by Baby Boomers.  Born betweeen Hiroshima and Kennedy getting one to the dome. 

But Gen X seems pretty chill.  Except for a few hatemongers, like the above and McVeigh.  And they were adults.  Fully grown when they did their evil deed.  It was on them, not the way they were misraised and not fully formed.  The South Carolina hatemonger/murderer was pretty young his ownself.  Obviously, something was wrong.  Morally and mentally.  In all these people.

It's just interesting.  Be nice to get to the bottom of the commonality, especially if Generation Z keeps on the same path.

Is it something in the water, frustose, soy milk, aspartame?  Too much helicopter parenting?  Not enough church?  Not enough mental health attention?  TOO MUCH mental health attention and subsequent over-prescription of psycotropics?  Not enough lead in the air?  Porn and Video Games?

And if we fix it by adjusting one of the above, and cut back the young people going on murder rampages, do we then get higher violent crime rates, but more retail instead of wholesale, like we had in the 70s 80s and 90s?


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