Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Governor of Virginians

Ralphie 'Coonman' Gosnell Northam, Democrat, and Governor of Virginia needs to not let any crisis go to waste.  Mainly to distract from his position on infanticide, bedsheets, and shoe polish.  So he is flagging the gun ban stuff in Virginia.  He wants the 'common' sense measures of:

  1.  Universal background checks 
  2. Child access prevention 
  3. One gun a month limits 
  4. Banning assault weapons, including bump stocks 
  5. Requirement to report lost or stolen guns 
  6. Allowing localities to ban guns from municipal buildings 
  7. Red flag laws
NONE of which would have slowed down the killings in Virginia Beach.  They'd only make Virginia more like Maryland.  It wouldn't stop the next tragedy either.  The killer's kids didn't get into his guns, he got them legally, he only had two and has had them for months, no gun was stolen, I bet they were plain Jane common as dirty Glock 21s, and he doesn't seem to be on any psychiatrist's radar.

Wait there is ONE measure that might have made a difference here.  It might have made a 12 count victim list only two or three.  Not ideal, but ask the family of victim number four or nine how they feel about.  And that important measure is Item #6 on this list.

Well, the exact opposite of item #6.
  • Encourage localities to permit guns in municipal buildings, and other locales. 
If one of his victims was carrying he might have been able to shoot back.  Guns were already forbidden in that gov't building by local policy and not state law.  There really was nothing preventing someone one scene being able to fight back effectively.

Like Tam says:  "Anybody who mandates you be disarmed in a country full of guns does not have your best interests at heart."

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