Tuesday, June 18, 2019

When you practice

When you practice and try to go to the range nigh weekly...  It's amazing how fast you burn through your ammo. 

And I purposely don't shoot a lot each time.  Doesn't cost me extra each time I go, I don't have to put 100 down range to feel like I got my lane rental money's worth. 

So, shooting 42ish rounds per... It still seemed like I ordered a thousand rounds to be delivered only a month or two ago. 


The Neon Madman said...

Reloading really helps me save money. I load .38 wadcutters for a third of what new ammo would cost. Of course, I am only charging my self a nickel an hour for my labor, but hey ......

Matthew W said...

I have a range membership and the range is one my way home. I stop in almost every Friday and shoot about 100 rounds to keep fresh and away I go. There are times when I shoot outdoors at my brother's house and between the two of use, do about 2000s round !!! MAG DUMPS !!!!!!