Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Say I DO buy a commodity plastic 9mm...

With my luck and if I get a M&P, then Smith will have financial problems again and not get any Police Department contracts.  Or if I get a M17, the War Department will change their mind and cancel procurement and go somewhere else the model will be nigh stillborn.

Glock is my third choice, but I am snakebit.  Something bad can happen to Glock and even the mighty Austrians can get eclipsed.

Now none of this bothers me none after the sale.  I have a Hudson, fully aware it could end up like it did.  I was just thinking aftermarket support.

Then again, there are enough Glocks out there after market support will last for decades if they magically never sold another new gun starting tomorrow.


Ratus said...

Tbolt, why don't you just build a Glock clone.

You can buy all the parts from Brownells for about what you'd spend for a used one.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Meh... I don't know much about Glocks. I'd want to take an Armorer's course, first.

And for that, I'd need to have a Glock.

Ratus said...

Really? You've built your own 1911(s) right?

This is more like baby's first gunsmithing kit.

If you get the 80% kit it's drill a few holes (comes with the jig) grind out some plastic to fit the locking block.

Then it's just a few pins.

If you've detail stripped a 1911, you can put together a Glock.

Ritchie said...

I have recently gotten a Springfield Armory XD-M in 10 MM. I commend it to your attention. I also have a Glock 20C. I carry the XD-M. The Glock is somewhere in the bottom of the safe. To me, the XD-M trigger is far superior in stock form to the Glock trigger with a trigger kit.