Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The $400 myth

Americans May Be Strapped, But the Go-To Statistic Is False

So people aren't really as poor as all that.  It's media people that stopped paying attention in math class at age 13 not understanding statistics, and me not doing due diligence keeping tabs on them Journo majors when I know I should.

I even lamented about this exaggeration in a previous post.   I'm still doing fine, but I have less to worry about with my fellow countrymen.

Man, the media LOVES to bask in squalor.  They were SO excited when the downturn happened in 2008.  Especially NPR.  Like they looked forward to seeing breadlines and Hoovervilles.  It would help them cement their preferred leftist economic policy, they thought.  They needed another Great Depression.  Call it the Great Recession this time.  And Obama was a good choice if you wanted to extend bad economic times, it proved.

But you gotta be careful.  What if the next guy is smarter than your guy and appears to turn on a powerful economic engine like he was flipping a switch?  Affording him to even use the economy as a weapon to try to improve our outlook further.  Man, I hope that works out.  Keep the economy humming and throw us a few 2A wins, Orange Man, and I'll be pleased as punch.

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Antibubba said...

Just because journalists can't do math doesn't mean it isn't happening. I'm that poor right now. With a 50 hour a week job, and no debt. Saving up for some overdue dental work.

It is what it is.