Monday, June 10, 2019

Range 4 June


To eject.

First round of the second magazine, #11, the rim escaped the extractor, and it was left in the chamber, only a quarter withdrawn.  Round twelve then got hung up trying to enter where eleven was obstructing.  Correction necessitate stripping the mag out, letting #12 fall free, and cycling the slide.  This was difficult until the slide was locked back.  The gun was hung up for 20 seconds, maybe?

Saved #11 spend case and a control case to inspect.

Possible caused.  Extractor issue.  Round 12 got loose and wedged under 11 early, holding 11 in place even if the extractor is ideal in function.  Extractor type is S&W external style and has given me a problem in the past.

Anyway, back to the rest of the session.

Ok, I am noticing a pattern.  Go to the range every week and the accuracy levels off at 'pretty good'.  Skip a couple week and it is still good, for some reason, the next time back.  But the accuracy falls off dramatically in subsequent sessions until it slowly build to the 'pretty good' plateau level.

Also, the front sight is too high.  I'd rather have hold under than hold over.  Nothe the yellow circles.

50 rounds of American Eagle, 492 since I got the gun.

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