Wednesday, June 19, 2019

That's what caused your massacre

Prohibiting firearms in Virginia Beach gov't offices is what CAUSED your massacre.  We know for a fact at least one other person would have been armed and able to face the murderer on equal footing if the rules have been different.  Your proposal to make it MORE prohibited is bizarre and immoral.

"But you Gun Fanatics don't consider if you can already carry a mass murdered would already have his gun at work and be able to slaughter the place that much sooner!"

First of all, that already happened.

Second of all, you are worried that a CCW person, some of the most law abiding people on the planet.  More so than cops, as a class of people, might snap, and go on a spree?

"Yeah!  Like that!  Who's the stop that guy if he get's mad at work one day?"

Who watches the watchmen? 


The second CCW person in that office.  Heck there might be a half dozen people there that don't even know any of the others are strapped.  Happens all the time.  Like the last time you were at the grocery store.  They aren't all going to snap at once.  Sort of a balance, huh?  Might keep the massacre numbers down, too.


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Will said...

There is no acceptable answer for those sort of people. They expect perfect safety situations, and nothing less.

Some of them actually believe this, and some (most?) know that demanding it is just silly, but merely a way to shut you down, and trivialize the whole argument.

It appears to be a part of the belief system that comprises the Left in this country. Facts mean nothing to a True Believer of the Left. Only Feelings.