Monday, June 17, 2019

That sounds familiar

"If you have to buy just one knife, make it a chef's knife.  It's the most versatile."


Like gunnie and survival talk, right there.  If you have to buy one gun, make it a .22/shotty/CCW/AR/etc.

But, not one with a kitchen making food is ever forced to just have one knife.  There is always more. 

Same with gunnies and survivalist.

"Beware of a man with only one gun.  He's probably very good with it."  Well, maybe.  But who has only one gun?  Poor people that use that one gun to put meat in the pot.  A subset of Americans that shrinks all the time.  And a person that bought a gun as an afterthought.  And maybe used it one.  This second type of person isn't very good with that gun.

But when was the last time you met a survivalist that has been doing this a while and had only one gun?  A lot of survivalist, if they sold 90% of their massive gun collection, could afford to buy that rural homestead property, finally.  And still be well armed when they get there.


Ah, but there is a time when you can find having to choose only one.  Kitchen Knife or Gun. When you have to pare down fast and space and weight limitations restrict you to only one tool.  Like the volcano blew and it had volcano EMP and now you gotta walk to your prepper cabin 100 or other shelter miles away in a week.  Which gun do you grab?

Or, you are a chef given the chance of a lifetime to conduct a seminar in Belize and have to fly our with one piece of checked luggage in 3 hours, so only so much kitchen equipment is coming. 

And you chef's knife is what you are most familiar with, maybe.  And most skilled with.  And how likely you are to find a replacement for a very personal customized item when you get there.

Same with the gun.  If I have to flee the Baltimore EMP Volcano Eruption with Sharknados thrown in....  That choice might be the lighter CCW pistol over a rifle, despite whatever 'conventional wisdom' you are thinking up right now.  I have to walk around here, and civilization may be about to collapse, (hence the risk to take a gun around here) but it hasn't collapsed yet, and I need no extra attention drawn to me.  I am more practiced with the pistol, too.  It's lighter.  It might be my chef's knife.   

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