Tuesday, June 11, 2019

This is why

This is why you don't want 'universal' background checks

Because where it is enacted eventually gets to this.  A frail old man rightfully defends himself in his home and now he is going to go to prison because he had his grandad's pistol in his bedside drawer. 

You know who else had that.  My crotchety old neighbor Archie.   Fortunately, Maryland is about 50 years behind New York.  We have so-called 'universal' background checks and subsequent registration, but the state hasn't thrown any grandpas in jail for it yet.  They are working up the courage and impunity for that.   But for now the only way the weaker registration law can really hang you up with the state if is your incriminate yourself to the police.  "Oh that gun, I got that in 2012."  Don't say that.  Let them figure out when you got it, and prove that, and if that breaks state law and how badly it does, and what lengths they want to drag it with an uncooperative defendant.   Shhh.  Don't be the grandad in the orange jump suit by talking your own way in there.       

I hate it when you get over enthusiastic DA trampling on regular folks and abusing gov't power. 

Oh, an in New York, you might want to take Biden's advice and use a shotty. 

Another case where a strong SCOTUS ruling against registration would be welcome, so abuses as this don't happen.  Or a SCOTUS ruling that this sort of thing only rises to misdemeanor.  I'm not holding my breath.  Even with a another Trump appointee on the bench in the place of RBG

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