Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Mandatory Gun Ownership

I'm on record as being for this.

Every non-prohibited household must own a defensive firearm.  It should be a nationwide law.  And Obamacare shows us the way.  If you are so philosophically opposed to firearms you just pay a yearly fee to be exempted. 

I'm also on record as being willing to compromise on this.  Push for mandatory firearm ownership, but reluctantly accept nationwide shall-issue and expunge every gun registration database.  We can also be merciful during the sentencing phases after the trials of the people that pushed for gun bans.  We aren't inflexible tyrannical monsters, after all. 


notme said...

Good idea. They want to remove, we should look to expand our rights. There will be no middle ground.

McChuck said...

Every free citizen has a right to arms. If you're good enough to walk around without chains or a straight jacket, you're good enough to carry a weapon.

It is my belief that every high school should have a mandatory class on citizenship, gun handling and marksmanship. Upon graduation, every young man would be given a .22 rifle and box of ammunition. Every young woman would be given a .22 pistol and box of ammunition. All of them should get pocket copies of the Constitution.

JimB said...

Imagine that. Go to a federal armory and be issued a brand new M16 and 1000 rounds of ammo. What a wonderful idea.