Thursday, October 29, 2020

Just Relax

It is very serendipitous a lot of the training I got was more of a 'relaxed shooter shoots better' variety.  Like a golfer.  No death grip on the gun.  Ride the recoil, and the sights line back up very quick.  If you relax.  I certainly understand and often admire the firm control of super-grip types.  That is another valid shooting style.  The dominant one, right now, in fact. And it works.



Watch their grips.  Hard hard  See the muscles on their forearms?  These people are NOT relaxed.  Head hunched over, too.  Tense.  But you know what?  They are super fast and hitting their targets and rarely missing.  So, the proof is in that pudding, ya know?

There is ever a guy that about loses control of his entire body.  Still makes the shot.  

Note their elbows ware all in and downm tho.  That is vital to a relaxed shooting style.  When your elbows go out that really conducive to tensing up.  And tiring yourself out.  So even the hardcore AMU speedsters are on the same page as that.

"Who the heck taught you this sill relaxed stance T-Bolt.  Some idiot."

No, somebody that learned and trained and was trained by that same unit.  The AMU.  Army Marksmanship Unit.  

"Ok, ok, but still.  Don't you want to run hard fast and accurate like those guys?"

Well, of course I do.  And relaxed I am much more fast and accurate now, after learning that, than I was.  But I can't go hard like that.  I'm not young.  Or Jerry Miculek.  And you've heard me whining about my spine more than once.

The serendiptiy is that the this works.  For me.  Now.  Because of my limitation is it really the only way I could get more fast and accurate.  

Jerry is prolly older than me.  And his style has some relaxation to it.  His head doesn't hunch so much.  Hunching really tenses my whole body up, I don't know about you.  Head upright and natural.  Bring your sights to your sightline, not your sightline to your sights.  Elbows down.  Grip as hard as a putter.  (thought some go full relax...  EXCEPT for their forearms and hand.) And work on your trigger break.  

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