Thursday, October 22, 2020

Got a referral

 I got a referral to a nuerosurgeon.  For my neck, not my back.  The MRI says my back is fine.  Hurts more than that tho...

I don't know how I feel about this.  I want relief, yes, but surgeons do surgery.  I have trepidations about that part.

And someone will have to explain to me how herniated disks in my neck can cause backpain in my lumbar area, sciatic issues, and neuropathy in my lower legs and feet.   

Anyway.  First appointment a week from today.  


Heard at work: “When is the next Pennsylvania gun show?  I need to pick up some more AR magazines and ammo.”


Miguel GFZ said...

The herniated disks are pressing on nerves that come from those areas.

Over two decades ago I was in Venezuela "visiting", and I thought I had torn an upper leg muscle so bad I actually dragged myself to a hospital. I was kind of surprised what I was told I had a herniated disk.

I tried to ignore the pain till I could get back to the US where I was insured, but I did not last 3 days before it got worse and the pain went full Spinal Tap amplifier and I was begging for death or similar facsimile. Pretty much everything from the left knee up to my lower back was wave after wave of brutal pain.

I got surgery by a great doctor and I followed his post-surgery instructions to a "T". He did warn me that I may have to revisit the location in 10 year or so, but it almost lasted 20 so I can't complain much.....OK, insurance is being an asshole no.

IMHO do get the surgery. Techniques have advanced leaps and bounds and you would probably be sent home the same day.

And don't start doing stupid shit after. My doc said almost all "failed" rep[air were because people did not take care of themselves after and started to do stupid crap. They did not understand that they were being repaired, not brought back to "normal."

Will said...

Back in the 90's, my sister was told, by a surgeon, to try any/every thing to fix her back problem prior to having an operation.

In following that myself, I got help from a Physiatrist. That's a Sports Medicine doctor. They can do surgery, but their specialty is targeted physical therapy to correct problems. If there is a baseball or football team in your area, you will find them. I had a torn disc, and a bulged disc, and a couple months of therapy had me fully functional. I was having nerve problems that had him quite concerned to start with, as the disc problems were long term.
I was back riding bikes soon after, and even got back on the racetrack again.