Friday, October 30, 2020

Hurry Up!

 Get some 2A cases before the court!  It's a 6-3 pro Second Amendment court!

Is it, though?  Will Roberts and Gorsuch now grow as jurist and squish out on us for 2A stuff, and others?  Roberts has already demonstrated squishiness.  He could dig inhis heels on every onerous law and shout stare decisis and that is that.  And Gorsuch somehow quietly goes along.  Ah well!  So it goes.  They morph into black robe David French and Jonah Goldberg.  And they always were.

Sorry.  Feeling pessimistic.  

Change gear to optimism.  Yes, worse case Dems get the Senate and start talking court packing.  My feeling is they fail at this.  They blink, on packing.  But the scare has a chilling effect on court cases.  Things still lean our way, but not vigorously.  Which is fine as long as it last and it has potential to last a while.    

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