Friday, September 4, 2020

A Bit Nutty

A Squirrel said "Good luck finding ammo for all those new guns."

'Tectonic shift': Gun sales up by almost 72%; first-time buyers lead the way

At least a lot of the gunstores around here still have some ammo.  In reserve.  Not much.  And when they get guns in for sale they will often sell a box to the gun purchaser.

But what are you gonna do with a box of 50?  Well, fill up your magazines and only clear out the grease in the barrel if there is a home invasion.  Not much range fun.  Maybe later.

"You think they'll be interested in electing someone who promises to take them away?"

The pessimists all agree that, yes, they have not learned any lessons, and will indeed vote for folks that will confiscate their shiny new purchase. 

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