Sunday, September 13, 2020


Got nuffin.

Getting lots of ads on Youtube from Dems fundraising to stop the OrangeManBad.  They can't be targeted.  I mean, my video watching history isn't Alex Jones  or Glenn Beck, but there are a few gun vids in the history.  One or two Paul Watsons.  A few more Bearings.  Not a huge amount of conservative views but enough to make an ad algorithm eliminate me for likely donation ad success for Dem beggars.  The Dems must be paying for a WIDE broadcast coverage.  It's their money, I guess, waste it how you like on Youtube. 

I am unlikely to donate to pols I like.  Much less like to donate to Democrats busy hurting people, and upending businesses, and, oh yeah, highly desirous of disarming me in the face of that madness at the first chance they get.  Commie simps, useful idiots, on the CHICOM payroll, or just full on Brown Shirts doing their modern day Kristallnacht.  The only thing that recommends them is their incompetence.  They aren't as good at the violence as their predecessors were 90 years ago.  So there is that.

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