Sunday, September 20, 2020


 "Why do you fatigue so easily T-Bolt.  You usually only run through a box of 50 on the range, and have whinged like a toddler about high round count classes."

I'm glad you asked that.  I'm old.  In my 50s.  I am in desk-bound office shape and too damn fat.  Plus the aches and pains from a youthful life doing things that were more strenuous than high round count pistol classes.

My off hand is impacted by cervical neuropathy (I didn't even know I HAD a cervix...).  A couple month of physical therapy a couple years ago did the trick.  I can take my hat off with that hand again.  I still do the stretches.  It's not 100 percent, and tires easily.  I tired easily BEFORE all this. 

And I have a new term this week.  Retrolisthesis.  The discs are ok, but that one vertebra, L3 where it meets L4, just sternward a bit.  Probably into the spinal cord, causing my sciatica for the past 10 years and, more recently, numbness in my feet.  That scared my a bit, the numbness.  Coulda been Multiple Schlerosis, or, more likely, the Diabeetus.  Not quite there yet.  Need a few more donuts for that.  Already in PT for the back issues.  There is an MRI in my near future.

Man, growing old sucks.  I heard it was bad, but didn't expect it to be like this.

But that's why I fatigue easily.  All those.  It's a negative impact on my quality of life.  

Brain's ok, tho.  No Biden-brain for me yet.  I have come to the conclusion I should have been this wise and smart at 15 that I am at 50.  Everything would have been much better.

If I was... I still wouldn't have known what I wanted to be when I grew up...

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ProudHillbilly said...

Welcome to aging. Periodic loss of feeling in arms and hands due to arthritis, stenosis of the spinal column, and decaying cervical discs. At least retirement stopped the carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists caused by computer work.