Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Ya know...

I'd have probably donated money to the NRA to help them in their time of need, fending off lawsuits in New York and Washington, but because of LaPierre's shenanigans I am not comfortable funding the grift he's created over there.

When Ollie North is the clean one in your org, and then you force him out because he asked too many audit style questions...  Well that says a lot about your con.

I have no problem with paying LaPierre a lotta money.  Just not all the money.  He needs to stay clean and fight the fight and not just try to fill his and his cronies' pockets.

Well, his replacement needs to do that.  I've lost trust.  Then the NRA needs to win a battle.  THEN I will send money again.  Fools.

Can you imagine how many new NRA members there would have been this year if there had been less stench of corruption about the joint?


Tim said...

Time is long past for Wayne to go. If he really felt strongly about the NRA's work he would do the right thing and step down.

Witold Pilecki said...

After the Parkland mass murder and the demonization of the NRA membership by the likes of little David "Camera" Hogg, I upgraded my membership from annual to life on the payment plan. When all this turmoil came to light, I suspended all my payments and they will stay suspended until Wayne is sent packing.

Angus McThag said...

I concur.

I shelled out for my life memebership before Ollie, to whom I objected.

You're right, when Ollie is the upstanding citizen in your org, something is bad wrong.

I'm disaffected of the NRA because of their complete capitulation in Florida despite Marion talking tough.

B said...

THe NRA has not gotten a single dime from me ever since I met WLP at a Indiana.

I asked him if he had stopped on his way back from some meeting or whatever..He told me he had flown into this gunshow just to meet people....and because he liked a restaurant nearby, so he made the trip. With 4 handlers/assistants.

A thousand miles in the corporate jet. And a thousand back. Just so he could meet people. And have dinner.

Since then, not some single dime. Until he leaves (or is forced out), not a single cent will go to the NRA.