Saturday, September 5, 2020

A full stop is a period

Yeah, sposebly, the youngins are intimidated when you end a sentence with a period.

Young people are intimidated by full stops because they seem like a sign of anger in social media messages, linguistics experts have claimed.

(A 'full stop' is British for that dot at the end of a sentence.  Sorta like when they say 'half-litre' they really mean a 16 ounce pint with a little room for the head.) 

I'm gonna throw a flag on the play.  This article doesn't really mean what it appears to mean.  That folks should be sensitive of Gen Z and stop using periods. 

No, this article was written by a gramma nazi, appalled at the awful grammar in social media.  They are hoping folks will get defensive and contrary and insist on always using a period.  It could backfire on them... And folks will start over-using the simplest punktuation mark...  And. that. would. be. awful..........


Eck! said...


Period is the marker for the end of a sentence.
No more, no less.

Seems like the SJWs have issues and need every
nano-aggression their weak minds perceive!

Full stop end of sentence is period.
Exclamation and possible anger is the one with the point!

They need to read a copy of Strunk and White on style.


Ritchie said...

archy and mehitabel log in your people need you

Wholesome_Uber said...

Archy & Mehitabel -- one of the best books of the last 90 years