Sunday, September 6, 2020

I got a mantis in my pantis

No, no, the dry firing app.

So we all are worried about burning through our range ammo. I know I am. Who know when Federal FMJ 230 gr will be back and less that $2 a round?  So I splurged and got the X10 Mantis.   I mentioned before I was interested.

Clever little bugger.  It detects all your flinches.  You don't have to aim at the phone.  Aim and the action figure of R. Lee Ermey on your shelf and keep the phone in your shirt pocket if you want.  It knows you are heeling the shot or gripping harder before the break.

I have just broke the surface of what this little hummer can do.  Still exploring.  Gotta get a daily dry fire habit up and running.  Come home, shoot two dozen shots?  That'd be fine.  I'll talk more about it later, I am sure.

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Ratus said...

Here's a couple of MantisX playlists for you to look at from John Correia.