Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Liberal at Work

REFLEXIVELY anti gun.  Calls guns instruments of murder.  Would be very supportive of a door to door confiscation and ban, with no grandfathering.

He thinks, was told, that Aaron Danielson used pepper spray on someone and that is why he deservedly was shot by prohibited person Michael Reinoehl, an admitted Marxist charged with felonies at a minimum.

I will remember this the next time Knee-Jerk goes on a general anti-gun rant and claims gun use by regular people is never justified.  "Except when I get pepper sprayed, right, KJ?  If you spray something that is an irritant and will have zero effect on me in a day, I am allowed to double tap you.  YOUR rules."

Of course, I will not then double tap him.  His rules are jacked, not mine,

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