Monday, March 23, 2009

Buy a Gun Day

Buy a Gun Day is coming, April 15th. To show your support for the industry and your inherent right to defend yourself against bad guy you are supposed to buy a new firearm on that day. It's the 15th, ostensibly, so you can use you tax refund money to fund the purchase.

I shant be participating this year. I bought enough guns last year to last me for this one. My buddy Frozen bought enough for both of us 2 weeks ago.

My tax refund, that I got in February, went to paying off the credit card the M1A and SIG 229 went on. Phew.

Maybe I'll order a Milt Sparks holster in April.

I'll certainly stop by my local gunstore and buy ammo and cleaning fluid. That sort of thing.

If I was in a market for a new gatt, I am leaning toward a revolver of some kind. A Smith and Wesson 617 (10 shot .22) or a Smith snubbie of some kind. Still not sure which type. Something stainless steel, yes. With no exposed hammer. But .38+p or whole hog .357? Model 642 has no internal lock and shoots .38, and is compact enough for pocket carry, but is made of the lighter alloy, weighing maybe half a pound less than the steel models. Model 649 and 640 (both 23 oz.) are 5 round .357, and are in the lead, and are all steel, I am pretty sure. 442 is on the list for consideration, but is aluminum. I think I really want the all-steel. How much more annoying is that half a pound when you carry it?

I've shot a model 60, and liked it. Don't know what the difference is between it and the 649 and 640 when you get those two with an exposed hammer option.

And one day an inexpensive used 12 gauge double barrel will follow me home.

Leaving me with few voids in the gunsafe. A 10/22 decked out like my M1A for cheap practice, yes. That might have to be the suppressed version, too.

Now I want a shrouded hammer, but, is there any disadvantage to getting the kind where you can still reach it and cock it on occasion, or will shmutz get in there from my pocket and I should get the fully enclosed hammer instead?


Brian said...

I've got a 642 that will reside in my pocket once the long awaited CCW permit arrives. I haven't carried an all-steel version of this pistol. As to whether or not the 6 oz. make a difference...I think it might as far as overall comfort since I suspect that even the alloy will feel heavy in the pocket sometimes.

The 642 kicks like a mule with .38 +P. Recoil is similar to the 5 shot Ruger SP101 in .357 that I had years ago. So if you're going to have the recoil anyway, why not go with the lighter load and lighter revolver? I keep it loaded with Blue tip Glasers (not +p) and have a speedloader of Remington Golden Saber +p.

If you're planning on carrying in your pocket, I'd go with a shrouded/enclosed/hammerless revolver. Aside from the schmutz factor (it will get in there) there's also the snag factor. I'd save the thumb-cocking for the 617 at the range!

Bob said...

Carteach0 discusses the reason for going with a concealed hammer here.

The steel versions of the Smith snubbies are indeed heavier, heavy enough so that you might be disinclined to carry the gun in your pocket, which is the best place to carry it. In addition the extra weight will accelerate wear on the pocket interior compared to the airweights.

I'd recommend the airweights with concealed hammers, myself. For ammo, if you're not willing to go with +P, then Federal has re-introduced its 125-grain Nyclad hollowpoint, the best of the defense rounds for non-plus-P use. Be aware that the ammo may not be on the market yet, or in very short supply if it is, because of the general ammo shortage currently underway.

Tam said...

The Airweights are infinitely better for pocket carry; that half-pound makes a huge difference in the hang of a garment or how much it flops around when you move.

I like the Centennials myself, having previously used a 442 and now a 432 for this very job.

In a .38 pocket revolver, I'd go with the short-barrel loading of the 135gr Gold Dot. It was designed by CCI/Speer to replicate the performance of the old FBI load (.6" expansion/14" penetration) and do it when fired out of a 2" J-frame. LE agencies that use it all sing its praises.