Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cop Killer Bullets

Gun Control ninnies want to ban all bullets.  To reach this goal they try to ban bullets that no one argue for.  The idea is the general public ignorant or unconcerened, generally, of firearms topics would acquiece to these bans and then the activists hoplophobes can nibble at the next margin.  They make up scary terms for these bullet types to help in their propaganda (like they do for other areas of restrictions).

One of these terms is "Cop Killer Bullets!"  Oh no!  Special bullets that kill cops extra dead.  Except they are not so special.

What they mean is bullets designed to defeat vearious types of ballistic vests that the police wear to help protect themselves.  Steel core, higher velocity, pistol bullets with less sectional density.  Lots of these are already restricted for civilian sale.  Like some types of the FN 5.7 rounds (SS190 variant)

Except I seem to remember that Cop Killer Bullets didn't always refer to stuff that more easily defeats body armor...

I remember a time when cops rarely work ballistic vests and most were armed with revolvers shooting round nose lead .38 Special.  If memory serves what we now call defensive ammo or hollow point was the Cop Killer Bullet back in the day, and the term has since morphed.

Of course you can't call a Federal Hydra-Shok a Cop Killer bullet now as cops are more often than not carrying that vary brand (or a competitor) in their pistol.  If a DA tries to make a big deal about your ammo selection in a defensive gun use situation your defense attourney should note that the police in the courtroom select the same stuff for you.  Cops are looking to 'Kill Cops' after all.  At least we hope that is the case.


Anonymous said...

If some one wants to kill a copy, they're going to find a why. Banning bullets isn't going to do the trick. Next thing they're going to ban certain guns and laser sights if certain bullets get banned. I especially don't want my laser sight to be banned! Peace! Troy Butcher www.lasersightpro.com

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

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