Tuesday, May 8, 2012


This guy links to me, so I was checking out his site. Coins Law and Commentary. 

He has a post on fossilized sharks teeth.  My grandparent used to live on shore of the Chesapeake.  Way down near Point No Point.  Further north, at Calvert Cliffs, there is some serious fossil hunting.  But we'd still find teeth on the beach.  In 20 some other years we picked up a few score.  One or two per visit.  You had to train your eyes to spot them.  Dad was good at spotting them and disciplining myself to do as well as he was an important part of growing up.

I had the record for biggest tooth until dad found a fragment of a four inch megalodon tooth.

That part of the world was swamp and corn fields and a few sporadic vacation cottages, so it was perfect teach a kid to shoot.  First, Dad's old BB gun and the aluminum of a TV dinner tray.  Later, slug rounds from Paw Paw's 20 gauge.  I loved that place.  Peaceful.  Mostly.  In the 40s that area got busy at times...  LSTs are worse than mosquitos back then.

Photo credit A. Aubrey Bodine.

[In other news, I got my all in one scanner working.]


Murphy's Law said...

That guy is into guns, too. Known him for years.

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Aaron said...

Thanks for the link. Sounds like you've had some great times by the Chesapeake.