Thursday, May 3, 2012


Good best-practice in this review

See how they took a picture of the new gun they are reviewing next to a 5" 1911?  People should do that more often.  A plain Jane 1911 next to the new-hawtness blastomatic 9000 pistol of any sort.

From the Firearm blog:

If you are a 1911 person or Glock fanboi, it's irrelevant.  The 1911 has been around for 101 years and everyone knows what size it is and have probably handled it, and many have owned or own one even now.  It is very easy to judge the comparative size of the new pistol with something that is just an ingrained familiar constant standard in every gunnie's mind. When someone said "Colt 45" for the past 100 years they pretty much understood that it meant an Army 1911.  Even if they only saw it in the flicker shows.

Another idea, in the event a 1911 is unavailable, is to take a picture of it next to a dollar bill.  Give us SOMETHING Mr. Photographer.  I mean the pistol floating in a white limbo is a great picture-taking trick, but I want more info.  That's fine, but ALSO give us a proper picture for scale in your magazine spread.  I prefer the 1911 comparison above, personally.  That's great.


Anonymous said...

Excellent tip for gun reviews. I would like to suggest some others:
- Trigger pull and trigger reset compared to a 1911, or a Glock, or even a Beretta
- Internal safeties such as does it have a magazine dis-connector or a series 80 firing pin lock. I find this to be my most common question that I follow up on after reading the review of "new" 1911.
- Muzzle flash and felt blast (pressure not recoil) using some well know manufacturer of ammunition.

Old NFO said...

Good points all, I'll have to remember that when I post new pics...

NotClauswitz said...

When I put stuff on eBay I sometimes roll-out a tape measure beside the item...