Friday, May 18, 2012

Rifle Review

Here is a review of the Army's newest battle rifle.

I think it has promise.  Too bad supply considerations obviated the 6.5mm round, but...  Whatcha gonna do.  According to the article only about 7500 have been delivered so far, but they seem to be well received, performing well in all conditions.  Gonna take a while to fully equip the troops.  Years. And after that, "it will probably be many years before any of these rifles will become available for other purposes."

I'd hunt with one.


Bubblehead Les. said...

"What a load of Horse Hockey! Those Fools in the War Department have lost their minds! How am I supposed to clean that thing? I can't remove the Bolt! Eight rounds? Nice, but I have to use a Special Clip! My Springfield Clips won't work! And speaking of Clips, how come I can now only carry 80 rounds in my Ammo Belt instead of 100!? And I can't top if off from the Machine Gunners Belt! And a Gas Tube? What if it springs a leak? Damn thing might explode! I tell you this, if I had to use that during the Battle of the Marne, I'd through it away and use a Kraut Gun as soon as I could!"-Letter from a Great War Veteran, 1938.

Stretch said...

Les just stole my post. And did it much better than I could.
I hate Les.
Off to clean my Trapdoor .45-70. I bow to no man in my hideboundness.